New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Apple: Your Tuesday Briefing

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New Zealand investigates how the massacre could have been avoided, China gets a toehold in Europe and Apple prepares to unveil its next big thing. Here’s the latest:

Officials arrested a suspect — a 37-year-old Turkish-born man — after an eight-hour manhunt, but it’s still unclear whether he was the only person involved in the attack.

The authorities initially said they were looking into the possibility that the shooting was an act of terrorism, with the counterterrorism agency raising its threat assessment to the highest level. They had also ordered the evacuation of all mosques in the city, but it’s unclear if that move stems from a specific threat or as a precaution in the wake of the attack in New Zealand.

Context: The city of Utrecht has a large immigrant population, with more than 30 percent born outside the Netherlands. The attack took place in the Kanaleneiland neighborhood, which is home to a large Muslim community, largely Moroccan and Turkish.

The vast project is already underway in the port city of Trieste. Construction workers in scuba gear have been laying foundations near the site of a new pier. Other cities up for a transformation include Genoa and Palermo.

Concerns: The U.S. and E.U. powers like Germany and France have been wary of Beijing’s Belt and Road project, casting it as an economic and perhaps even military threat.

Supporters of the plan in Italy, however, have few reservations, saying the country’s laws protect its autonomy.

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